botanic chocolates

Making chocolates

chocolate is a tricky thing….dipping

Our first ‘experiments’ combining our flavours into melted chocolate were moderately successful but after a while you came to realise that it ain’t that simple!

Weird textures and colours  that developed mysteriously in the night and strange puddles of distressed ganache drove me to enrol into chocolate school. Through the wonder of the internet I linked with students around the globe, learning and developing my practical skills and chocolate knowledge.

Our botanic chocolates are deliberately very simple – a few key ingredients hand-cut into neat little squares of ganache and hand dipped into specially selected single origin tempered chocolate.

Much is written about the challenges of tempering chocolate – the act of persuading tiny internal crystals to order themselves in perfect formation to create shiny, snappy chocolate. However,
not much is said about the other equally challenging process for the artisan producer, the creation of a perfect ganache.

The gradual addition of cream to molten chocolate initially creates an alarming sticky, grainy mess but by holding your nerve and with determined agitation, as the last few drops of cream are added the mess miraculously turns into a shiny, smooth swirl. Or not.