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As specialist growers we live with our plants on a daily basis and can carefully select the optimum time to extract their flavours.Sometimes it is the mature leaves, or fresh young seeds or even tiny flowers. We are also able to wander our land and surrounding area to harvest wild berries and nuts.

All our chocolates are made with the finest Single Origin chocolates from around the world to perfectly match our botanic flavours.

GARDEN Flavours – these are all grown by firstleaf

Rose Geranium   /  Rose Geranium & Gin Pelargonium ‘Attar of Roses’ Great Taste Award 1 star logo
Great Taste Gold Star Winner  2016

Flavour: A soft rose flavour extracted from home-grown leaves by infusion in cream and/or gin mixed with a rich milk chocolate.  Decorated with a dried Rose Geranium flower petal.

Lemon Verbena Aloysia citriodora  Great Taste Gold Star Winner 2015  small

Flavour: A fresh, floral lemon with a hint of ginger from home-grown leaves in a creamy milk chocolate dipped in a smooth dark chocolate. Decorated with a speck of dried flower petal.
Origin: A pretty evergreen shrub member of the Verbenaceae plant family originally from South America specifically Argentina and Chile. It apparently first appeared in the gardens and greenhouses of Europe in the 1780’s brought back by the Spaniards.
Uses:  A culinary and perfumery herb. The dried leaves can be used to vary the flavour of Moroccan Mint Tea.
In 1935 it was used to flavour a newly invented soft drink called Inca Kola or Golden Kola which was marketed as ‘the taste of Peru’.

FORAGE Flavours – these are foraged on our land or in local areas in the Preseli Hills, North Pembrokeshire

Wild Blackberry & Port Rubus fruticosus

Flavour: A warm fruity centre with home-made wild blackberry  preserve paired with Port in a rich milk chocolate coated in smooth dark chocolate.

Elderberry & Vodka Sambucus nigra Great Taste Gold 2 – Star Winner 2016GTA 2 2016

Fruity, slightly tart elderberries infused in vodka in a rich dark chocolate topped with a homemade elderberry preserve. Decorated with a sprinkle of blue and pink dried cornflower confetti.

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