botanic chocolates

  • My sister and I foraging 70's
  • 90's plant research for me
  • Derek - prizes for growing perfection..
  • Derek with his field scale plant trials
  • Wales True Taste Gold 2009
  • Edible Flower growers

About us

botanic – pertaining to, made from, or containing plants

we are botanic people…

all our lives we’ve been fascinated by plantsDerek

we have studied them, gardened with them, cooked and eaten them, designed with them, photographed them, earned our living from them and been awarded a few prizes for growing them along the way

in 2004 we set up as specialist growers supplying micro leaves and micro herbs, calling ourselves firstleaf after the first true leaf of the plants we grow

in recent years we have been growing a range of colourful, high-quality edible flowers and aromatic leaves for top chefs and restaurants across the UK

we are now growing plants to flavour chocolate – itself created from the pods of the super plant – the cacao tree

we create delicious chocolates that celebrate the best botanic flavours we can grow

Cathy (Chocolatier) &  Derek (Grower)